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7 Ideas to Make Fun a Priority-Even in Isolation

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COVID-19 | Family / Isolation
BY LISA SQUIRES, MSW, Bolante.NET Project Coordinator

Creating Fun Every Day is a Necessity, Not a Luxury…
Especially when Living in Isolation.

As this invisible disaster seems to be stealing many of our normal routines and ways we typically have fun, it’s important to remember that fun is a necessity, not a luxury! Finding ways to include, or even schedule, intentional fun into our life is needed right now. Fun creates joy, lifts our spirits, relieves stress, and gives us a break from the pressures and fears of the unknown.

Incorporating fun into your life isn’t just about doing more fun things, but finding ways to laugh, play, and enjoy things around us.

As we begin to face the reality of possibly spending more time in isolation, we need to find a way to plan for fun. Tonight my family gathered to create a list of fun activities we could do together. Here are some of our ideas.

  1. Go on a hike

  2. Do a puzzle

  3. Learn to play cribbage

  4. Create an Art Project

  5. Friday Game Night

  6. Watch America’s Funniest Home Videos – always good for a laugh

  7. Play Catch two-times a week

To survive this season of so many unknowns we need to make play and fun a priority! It might take work in the beginning, it may seem unnatural or even forced, but give it time and be consistent…laughter is good medicine!

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