Social Media :

Behavioral Threat Assessment & an Introduction to Social Media Investigations


Hour One

Based upon current research and best practices, threat assessment is the recommended strategy to prevent potential targeted acts of violence. This training focuses on the multidisciplinary team approach for assessing and managing situations of concern related to targeted acts of violence. You’ll receive the basic setup for you and your threat assessment team, including how to choose team members, run a meeting, complete reports, and more.

Hour Two

Gain expert knowledge about the “real-time” social media space and how to best navigate in the discovery, extraction, and analysis of open-source information. Receive the latest information in iconography in social media. Learn useful skills in Internet open-source research with engaging training content. Develop best practices for obtaining information online while protecting anonymity and adhering to the code of ethics and legalities. This course also includes how to locate, extract, analyze, and react to social media data.

Hour Three

Based on nationally recognized best practices, the Active Threat Response option incorporates local cultural and community norms and expectations to provide training in threat recognition. This course will cover early detection, recognizing the indicators of impending threat, and the first step in active violence response. Learn as your instructor presents a eye-opening case study that will aid you in your threat assessment.