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What is Threat Assessment?

Threat Assessment is a proactive approach requiring a comprehensive review of the situation, context, and subject’s psycho-social and behavioral dynamics. Our training is designed for threat assessment professionals who are continuing to develop their own expertise through formal education.

No longer is threat assessment a solitary affair. The American National Standards Institute supports the creation of trained multidisciplinary teams who can identify, assess and prevent/mitigate situations potentially leading to targeted violence (ASIS International; ASME Innovative Technologies Institute; Society of Human Resource Management). Effective multidisciplinary teams also establish and utilize community relationships with both law enforcement and mental health agencies. Staying current through continuing education is necessary for all involved in threat assessment.

As practitioners and educators in threat assessment, the Bolante.NET team designs and teaches courses designed to meet the growing demand for threat assessment professionals. The team remains current, developing materials based on international research and best practices in threat assessment. The courses provided by Bolante.NET may include international guest speakers known for their subject matter expertise.

(1-2 DAYS)

Based upon current research and best practices, threat assessment is the recommended strategy to prevent potential targeted acts of violence. This training focuses on the multidisciplinary team approach for assessing and managing situations of concerns related to targeted acts of violence.

Please see a sample of the course outline for additional details.

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