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Threat Assessment and the Larger Conversation on Violence and Culture in the Academic Literature

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This study looks at how the relatively new field of threat assessment uses language by analyzing journal abstracts from its flagship peer-reviewed publication (Journal of Threat Assessment Management). We use a fully updated version of keyword analysis that measures keyness as a combination of frequency and dispersion statistics to find the words that best describe the journal’s content. The investigation was concluded by comparing the flagship journal to both forensics journals and journals about culture. By analyzing the discourse, language choice, and narratives of the flagship journal, we can learn more about the research being done in the field of threat assessment. Such analyses seek to promote this emerging field by fostering critical thought and exposing blind spots.
Keywords: corpus linguistics, keyness, dispersion, threat assessment, peer-reviewed journals
Authors: Justin Jacques, Stephan Gries, Cass Dykeman, Rebecca Bolante

Status: Preprint

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