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Threat Recognition & Response (Run-Hide-Fight)


Based on nationally recognized best practices, but tailored according to the particular needs of our client, the Active Threat Response option incorporates local cultural and community norms and expectations to provide training in threat recognition.

Topics include:

  • Early Detection. Recognizing the indicators of impending threat. The first step in active violence response.

  • Personal Safety. Before the “run and hide”. Developing preliminary response skills with an attitude to build confidence and empowering employees as they increase their awareness of various situations (work, church, shopping, etc.).

  • Self Care. We address this even before the training happens. We can help organizations draft an email message to employees, address specific needs related to PTSD, and discuss how the content can be difficult for some employees. The need for this component continues to grow as employees are being triggered by these conversations and organizations need assistance with strategies to support them.