Research & Development

We aim to improve knowledge and spread practical information about disaster behavioral health, threat assessment, and suicide prevention with a focus on diversity and inclusion.


Diversity and Training Delivery Trends in Psychological First Aid: Implications for Researchers and Educators

Authors: Chung-Fan Ni, Robert Lundblad, Cass Dykeman

Status: Preprint

The Academic Discourse in Threat Assessment Management: A Corpus Based Study

Authors: Justin Jacques, Stephan Gries, Cass Dykeman, Rebecca Bolante

Status: In Progress

The Psycholinguistic Markers and Language Style Matching of Suicide Discourse in Counseling Sessions

Authors: Chung Fan Ni, Justin Jacques, Charles Silber, Cass Dykeman

Status: In Progress

The Topical Structure of Psychological First Aid Training Manuals: A Worldwide Analysis

Authors: Chung-Fan Ni, Robert Lundblad, Cass Dykeman, Rebecca Bolante, Wojciech Labunski

Status: In Progress

A Formative Evaluation of Tribal Casino Threat Assessment and Management Practices

Authors: Rebecca Bolante, Ashley Blake, Sara Hopper, Jim Bennett, Cori Pratt

Status: Preprint

Threat Assessment in Community Colleges

Authors: Rebecca Bolante, Cass Dykeman

Status: Published

Threat Assessment Teams for Institutions of Higher Education: A Review of Key Ideas and Practices for Professional Counselors

Authors: Rebecca Bolante, Cass Dykeman

Status: Published

Keeping Current

The Research & Development team meets weekly to stay abreast of related trends and practices while maintaining diversity and inclusion at the forefront of each project.

Contact us if you would like Bolante.NET to work with your organization on various research components.

Fresh Voices and Perspectives

Meet Our Research Team

Robert Lundblad, PysD
Bolante.NET Director of Research & Development

Professor Cass Dykeman, PhD
Oregon State University
 Bolante.NET R&D Lead Advisor

Chungfan Ni, PhD, CRC, LPC
Western Oregon University
Bolante.NET Asian Liaison

Justin Jacques Ph.D. LPC, CEAP, CAC II, ACS, NCC
Oregon State University
Bolante.NET Researcher

Steve Long, MA
Assistant Director of Research & Development

Adrienne Renwick, LPC
Oregon State University
Doctoral Intern
Bolante.NET Researcher

Ashley Blake, BS
Bolante.NET Research Assistant

Alyssa Howe
Corban University
 Intern, Forensic Psychology

Mindi Barta, MA, LPC, NCC
Oregon State University, Doctoral Intern, Bolante.NET Researcher

Jaycie Bennett, BS
Bolante.NET Research Editor

Rebecca Bolante, PhD, CTM
Founder, Managing Director

Cori Pratt
Executive Administrative Assistant