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Our consultation services maintain diversity and inclusion at the forefront of each project. 
They cover multiple areas:
  • Behavioral threat assessment (team protocols, composition, dynamics, etc.)
  • Physical security/safety, post-disaster support, crisis communication, threat intelligence (social media, etc.)
  • With Subject Matter Experts on standby, our team becomes your team, specialized to bring solutions to your organization.


Practices and procedures comparative to national standards and best practices. This assessment and review includes:

  • Practices and procedures comparative to national standards and best practices 
  • On-site review 
  • Structure (security, safety, administration, etc.)
  • Employees prevention and readiness
  • Behavioral threat assessment teams, processes and procedures
  • Incident command structure 
  • Recommendation on enhancement or creation of critical incident behavioral health response (eg. psychological first aid teams, post incident response)
  • Comprehensive report document will be provided
  • Informal meeting will be scheduled with key staff prior to formal presentation of report 
  • Report presentation to client (remote or in person)
  • Assessment will focus primarily on property protection with related personal safety components
    • Project will include:
      • Specific active violence planning, response or assessment (as an example, assessment of parking areas will include access, visibility, surveillance, signage, lighting and related technology which primarily relates to protection of property but also includes elements of personal safety for visitors and guests as they traverse and use the parking areas)
  • On-site time will include comprehensive tours of all facilities and areas related to the assessment, casual observation periods (at times being an “observer” of activities with no interaction or notification that we are observing) 
  • Meet with key members of the management team and other staff as needed, reviewing policies and procedures that relate to security of property and personal safety, observation of technology and other tools used on site for theft and violence prevention.

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The Research & Development team meets weekly to stay abreast of related trends and practices while maintaining diversity and inclusion at the forefront of each project. Contact us if you would like Bolante.NET to work with your organization on various research components.


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Level 1

Brief Analysis of available information summarized in basic intel product

Level 2

Analysis of topic with deeper research summarized in intel product with risk assessment

Level 3

Research, analysis, threat assessment, mitigation recommendations

Level 4

STG’s (Security Threat Groups)

STG’s: In-depth analysis on Security Threat Group’s (STGs) weaponized internet attacks, with mitigation training and real-time support

Level 5

On-going examination of groups/ideologies that are targeting individuals, communities, or organizations. 

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Program Review
Receive a full review of your procedures, protocols, etc. for your organization.

Work  with our experts in a consultation to develop and/or improve your threat assessment team in your organization.

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