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Spring TAT Series

Spring 2024 Threat Assessment Training

Part 1: May 15 & 16, 8:00 am -12:00 pm (PT)
Part 2: May 22 & 23, 8:00 am -12:00 pm (PT)
Part 3: May 29 & May 30, 8:00 am -12:00 pm (PT)

Winter 2025 Threat Assessment Training

Part 1: January 15 & 16, 8:00 am -12:00 pm (PT)
Part 2: January 22 & 23, 8:00 am -12:00 pm (PT)
Part 3: January 29 & 30 8:00 am -12:00 pm (PT)


Bolante.NET’s Threat Assessment Training (TAT) for multi-disciplinary threat assessment teams, uses a dynamic, strength-based approach to prevent targeted violence and support individuals who are heading in the wrong direction.


Threat Assessment is an important part of your organization’s safety protocol. The best threat assessments are based on information that is gathered not only from your own sources but also by combining data gathered by multiple parties. Information sharing across organizations in the Homeland Security community is showing great success. Join us in this 3-part course to learn about Threat Assessment and how it can be used to improve the resiliency of your organization.

You need to know.

Don’t guess about whether dangerous activity is taking place; you need to know. This webinar series provides participants with the latest information on threat assessment and the ability to build their threat assessment teams (TAT). The series begins with “Fundamentals of Threat Assessment”, followed by two more remote sessions, “Application of Threat Assessment”, and “Advanced Threat Assessment”.

Is it interactive?

The three-part series takes place in a virtual classroom and includes Question & Answer segments and small group role-play and discussions. Questions will be answered by Rebecca Bolante, Ph.D., who founded Bolante.NET, and other TAT experts. By the end of this training, you will learn about threat assessments and how you can become part of a threat assessment team for your organization or community.


This training is designed for all levels of investigators who are interested in building their threat assessment team. Using the Bolante Threat Assessment Guide B-TAG, you will learn how to be aware of your own biases when proceeding with an investigation, question the right people at the right time, and conduct investigations permeated by security cooperation. Going behind the scenes of actual events using content developed by industry experts; think like an investigator, and learn the best practices for managing each phase of an assessment’s lifecycle.

Industry-Specific Tracks

Including, but not limited to:

Health Care Professionals
Campus Teams
Places of Worship
Casino Security
Work Place
Tribal Communities

Don’t see your industry? Contact us to see how we can develop a training tract for your team at




Increase your Threat Assessment Practitioner skills through this three-part training series with 24 hours of instruction. Engaging discussions, interactive group vignettes, and detailed case studies will provide you with the tools you’ll need to effectively work within a threat assessment team.

Upon completion and full participation, you will also receive 24 CEUs/CPEs (ASIS) from Bolante.NET.

– how to establish a skilled multidisciplinary Threat Assessment Team
– best practices for successful meetings
– how to gather information
– best practices for evidence collection, confidentiality, and documentation
– through interactive engagement with live role-play and tailored cases

Limited Registrations

After registration closes, you will be added to a waiting list until this course is offered again. Seats are limited to this remote, interactive training, so register you or your team today!

Join our instructors for this three-part series through Bolante Threat Assessment Guide B-TAG. This program will be of interest to anyone involved in investigations, including counselors, administrators, teachers, school resource officers, school psychologists, nurses, business administrators, community organizers, and clinicians.

“Bolante offers a powerful suite of tools that have been beneficial to me as a school administrator. School safety is of paramount importance and Bolante's trainings empowered me to deal with tools to help in the event of a crisis. Their dedication to the safety of schools and communities is up-to-date, relevant and time worthy. I am glad I attended their virtual trainings.”

-Shannon Criss - Superintendent Harney Education Service District

Trusted Training


We are recognized by ASIS International as a continuing education Preferred Provider for the APP, CPP, PCI, and PSP Security Certifications.

Grasp key concepts as experts teach essential steps to enhance your threat assessment program and as they discuss important developments in threat assessments at federal, state, and local levels. These experts also will provide insight into the most effective investigative techniques that produce positive results. Check out this course today and start building a program to keep protocols compliant, data collection, and communication secure.


Member of ASIS, ATAP, IACP International Association of Chiefs of Police

Achieving your organization’s objectives depends not only on your intelligence-gathering techniques but also on the quality of the decisions you make. This three-part series will teach you how to build your threat assessment team and how to evaluate risk with the latest Investigative Guide from Bolante.NET.

This three-part series allows you to learn from your desktop or laptop

It is a great way for agencies and individuals to learn about threat assessment, whether you are a new investigator or know the basics of TAT.

The Bolante Threat Assessment Guide B-TAG will include information on how to use cognitive bias to improve investigations. With decades of investigations, Rebecca Bolante, Ph.D., Jim Bennett, and other expert trainers have extensive experience with interview techniques and building cases via analysis of social media accounts, criminal history, behavioral analysis, and more.

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