The Bolante.NET Team


Rebecca Bolante, PhD, CTM
Founder, Managing Director

Ron Glaus, PhD
Chief Advisor

Janvier Slick, MSW            Director of Education Services & Credentialing

Robert Lundblad, PysD
Director, Research and Development

Cori Pratt
Executive Administrative Assistant

Jim Bennett
Director of Violence Prevention & Physical Safety

Steve Sanchez, MS, LSC
Clinical Director, Schools & Resiliency Specialist

Media & Marketing

Sarah Back
Media & Marketing Director

Ashley Blackburn
Assistant Director of Media

Leesa Derting
Training & Registration Coordinator

Subject Matter Experts

Chris Adamczyk, MA
Threat Intelligence Specialist 

James Bouziane, MBA
Threat Assessment Specialist

Douglas Ladd, (Ret. Lt.), BS
Threat Assessment Specialist

Ethan C. Snyder, JD, MPP 
Executive Compliance Officer

Lisa Squires, MSW
Behavioral Safety & Intervention Specialist

Larry Wiedenhoft, RN/BSN, EMT
Emergency Response and Medical Specialist

Michelle Patton
Suicide Awareness & Resource Specialist

Cynthia Valdivia
PFA Faciliatator, Spanish & English

Shannon Biteng
PFA Faciliatator

Dennis Marks, (Ret. Cpt.), BS
Threat Assessment Specialist

Allison List, PhD
Threat Assessment & Diversity Specialist

Wendy Patrick, JD, M.Div., PhD
Threat Assessment Legal Analyst

Steve Crimando, MA, CHPP, CTM
Threat Assessment Professional


Chungfan Ni, PhD, CRC, LPC
Asian Liaison

Obi Kalu, EdS, MPH
African American Community Advisor, Diversity Projects Specialist

Chief Rick Puente
Latinx Liaison

Mandie Pritchard, MA
Tribal Liaison


Mark Dodge, EMR
Emergency Medical Responder

Dwayne Hilty, MDiv
Non-Profit Community Specialist

Cari Boyd, (Ret. Lt.), MS
Public Information/Peer Support Specialist

Carlos Texidor Maldonado, MBA
PFA Facilitator Spanish & English

Stephon L. Scott, MPA
Executive Equity Advisor

Research Team

Robert Lundblad, PysD
Bolante.NET Director of Research & Development

Professor Cass Dykeman, PhD
Oregon State University
 Bolante.NET R&D Lead Advisor

Chungfan Ni, PhD, CRC, LPC
Western Oregon University
Bolante.NET Asian Liaison

Justin Jacques Ph.D. LPC, CEAP, CAC II, ACS, NCC
Oregon State University
Bolante.NET Researcher

Steve Long, MA
Assistant Director of Research & Development

Adrienne Renwick, LPC
Oregon State University
Doctoral Intern
Bolante.NET Researcher

Ashley Blake, BS
Bolante.NET Research Assistant

Alyssa Howe
Corban University
 Intern, Forensic Psychology

Mindi Barta, MA, LPC, NCC
Oregon State University, Doctoral Intern, Bolante.NET Researcher

Jaycie Bennett, BS
Bolante.NET Research Editor

Rebecca Bolante, PhD, CTM
Founder, Managing Director

Cori Pratt
Executive Administrative Assistant

*This is not a conclusive list of all our trainers. Please email for questions related to individual trainers for specific training sessions.

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